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"Left 4 Dead 2" Tournament

Call of Duty Tournament

$25 per player,
only 20 spots

Competitor Name(s)

Wrist band for free entry into Zombie Fest with every donation.

There is no age limit. Just come prepared to win.

Hosted by Audio Intersection

Friend or Foe: Timed Survival

2 players face off against the Zombie Horde to see how long they can last. Each player can revive their teammate 2 times per round. A player who fails to survive or get revived by the end of the time limit is out of the tournament. Players are encouraged to work as a team, but remember, only one person can win. Do you revive or survive? Not reviving means less competition in the end, but less help to get you to the end of the time limit. So, players will be forced to make the choice of playing nice, smart, or ruthless.

Once everyone has had a chance to make it through the ladder, we raise the difficulty and see who can outlast the second wave. We continue until one person has made it through alone.

Ties will be broken by a one-on-one death match of a chosen competitive multiplayer game (Black Ops 2's regular mode). Best 2 out of 3 point matches wins.

Players should be creative when trying to survive but any player using a glitch, hack or exploit will be told once and removed on second warning.


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