CPAW/Drug Free Cherokee Meetings

Meetings Held at
FOCUS Office

  • The First Friday of each month - 9:30 am - 10:30 am
  • No Meeting in January or July -
Don't be a Party to Underage Drinking
Why is the Focus Just Alcohol?
  • Alcohol kills more kids and young people ages 18-25 than all other drugs combined.
  • Youth ages 9-20 use it more than any other substance, including tobacco or marijuana.
  •  Nationally, on average, per day, 2,842 young people between the ages of 12 to 14 begin to use alcohol. Meaning at least a million youth under the age of 15 starting using alcohol per year.
  • An average, 2,375 people in Georgia die from alcohol-related injuries or illness each year.
  • Nationally in 2009, underage consumption of alcohol causes on average of 28,161 teen pregnancies, 949,400 nonfatal violent crimes (rape, robbery, and assault) and 1,844 homicides.
  • Alcohol is the 3rd leading cause of death in Georgia. In 2010 underage drinking cost Georgia $1.4 billion.

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Cherokee County Community Alliance Prevention Workgroup (CPAW)
Ester Lopez
The Council on Alcohol and Drugs

Kelleigh Trepanier
A.L. Burruss Institute
Kennesaw State University

Sonia Carruthers
Cherokee FOCUS

David Cannon, Jr.
Cherokee County Superior Court

Helen Gras
Cherokee FOCUS

Michelle Homier
Cherokee County State Court Judge

Jessica Moss
Cherokee County Solicitor General

Robert Costa
Cherokee County
Department of Juvenile Justice

DeWayne Hamill
Cherokee County
Department of Juvenile Justice

Joe Perkins
Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office

Krista Leonard
Cherokee County
Department of Juvenile Justice

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